Shop Carefully For Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Every woman wants to look and feel gorgeous and sexy, including larger women. Fortunately clothing designers have awakened to the fact that there’s a whole market full of big, beautiful women shopping for equally beautiful plus size lingerie.

Until recently, and even now in some cases, it can be difficult for women to find beautifully made plus size lingerie that fits well. However, there are online vendors and specialty stores that carry plus size lingerie that’s perfect for any woman blessed with curves.

First, have a good friend take your body measurements, including inseam, hips, waist and bust. Write these numbers down and keep them handy.

So should you shop online or in a physical store? Since lingerie is such a personal item that can’t be returned once it’s opened, it might be a good idea to check out a the lingerie line in a physical store first. That way you can try on different styles to see which one fits you best. Then in future you’ll know which sizes and styles are more likely to fit if you order them online.

Shopping online from your home is more convenient and often gives more variety in the selections. However, before shopping online, it’s crucial that you know your body measurements, because sizes differ greatly among clothing manufacturers.

In fact, getting your measurements is the place to start whether you shop in a store or online. It’s also a good idea to get a friend to take your measurements, especially to determine the correct bra size. Lingerie experts estimate that 80 percent of American women wear the wrong bra size because they haven’t been properly fitted. Resolve that you’ll be among the 20 percent who look smashing in their outfits because they’ve bought the right bra.

Furthermore, as much as you might love color in your lingerie, choose basic undergarments in a skin-toned color (also known as nude, beige or cafe) that will blend with your skin. Only wear white under solid garments that aren’t transparent. White lingerie can be seen even under white color if it’s the least bit see-through. After all, you don’t want to end up like one of those celebrity “fashion mistake” photos where your lingerie can be seen through your clothes.

The same rule applies to black lingerie as well. As sexy as black can be, especially when it’s lace or silk, only wear your black undies beneath dark colored clothes. Nothing is as unbecoming as underwear that shows through your clothes.

Consider also whether you can use a body shaper. Body shapers aren’t necessarily the all-in-one solution they’re promoted to be, because they can smooth out one area but cause bulges in another. The right one can make clothes look better, however, so it’s worth trying on several. A good option is a body shaper that covers you from bust to just above the knees and comes with clear straps.

Most importantly, choose lingerie in colors that flatter your skin tone and that fit you perfectly. Don’t waste your money on something that’s trendy or popular if it’s not right for you. With undergarments that fit well and make you look beautiful, you’ll feel strong and confident in any outfit.

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Source by Vlad Vovin

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